ARTLightenment Art and Film Festival

Art,artists and the art of existence


How to submit your art:
First complete the submission form below.

Email 3 images to
Please attach a one page Bio and Artist Statement
You may also email a dropbox link of images.
Please  also email a link to your website or
artist facebook page for promotion purposes.

Please say the size and medium of each of the three pieces 
you are submitting for the jury.

Space allowed per artist 4x6 feet.
This could comprise of:
  •     1 Big or 
  •     3 Medium 
  •     Up to 10 small pieces of art.
When approved:
A $50 fee will only be due after your art has been accepted by the jury. 
This can be paid online at the Tickets and payment page.

All art must be delivered on Sunday October 29,  2017.

Seminar will help with selling and promoting your art
With special emphasis on using social media
Robyn Morshead and Elisabeth Donaldson

Art Show (times)
Saturday 4 November 6 to 10pm (Art show only)

Thursday 9 Nov, Friday 11 Nov 6pm to 9:30pm (Art and Film)
Saturday Nov 11, 5 to 9:30pm (Art, Film, Awards)

There will be a sales table during all these times

Art pickup Sunday Nov 12  from 9:30 till 6pm

The Celebrity Center 
1130 8th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203

Call or email Robyn Morshead with questions

Requirements: All art work must be,
Labeled (white card stock or mounted on a foam core)
There needs to be a label on the back of the art as well as a label
to go next to the art for hanging.
Font: Arial
Size: 12
Title of artwork
Price or label NFS if not for sale
Wired for hanging 
All artists need a short Bio and artist statement.
1 page maximum length