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Elisabeth spent 8 years in Los Angeles working as a professional actress, dancer and model. Shortly after moving to Nashville she decided to turn her lifelong love of clothing and costume design into a full blown venture and in a few short Months, Monarch was born. What is most incredible about Elisabeth is that she has had no formal training and did not go to fashion school, instead she used the skills learned from her mother growing up, sought out books on fashion design and mixed it together with her unorthodox approach that she describes to be a lot like painting. As a self-taught fashion designer she launched her very own clothing company and in less than 2 years has grown it into a viable business, gaining both local and international clientele

“My life has always been filled with creativity and inspiration, with each piece that I create I am trying to tell a story of some sort- so I am constantly looking for what stories are contained within the people, environment and objects around me. I totally love the fact that fashion gives each individual an opportunity to become a walking piece of art. It’s an unspoken partnership between the designer and the wearer that is truly unique”

Shortly after the inception of Monarch in 2012, she was voted as one of Nashville's top designers of the year in the RAW artist showcase and was a featured designer in Knoxville fashion week. Besides selling her handmade clothing to an international clientele in her online etsy shop- Elisabeth creates art pieces for photo shoots in Nashville and around the world.

“My goal is to remind people of the potential that exists within them and to create an environment that is more alive and beautiful. At my core, I am an artist, and in this moment fabric is my song, my paint and my paintbrush- I’m excited to contribute to an overall expansion of Art and see how many mediums I can weave together with the fascinating power of fashion.”

And let’s not forget that within all the intensity and passion is a killer sense of humor. “No one should take themselves too seriously; no way I could do any of this without a big imagination and lots of laughter!”